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RSS - Ruin Street Style

EP29: Cyber Combat Girl Soaked In White Slime

EP29: Cyber Combat Girl Soaked In White Slime

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After years of warfare between nations, the world lies in ruins, where thriving cities and civilizations once stood. This is now known as the wasteland, where our protagonist, Wendy, roams in search of the legendary "Elixir." Rumored to heal all injuries and restore the world to its former glory, Wendy believes it's the only hope for humanity.

Wendy wears a combat suit that has seen better days. Perhaps it was in its prime a year ago, but now it's stained with dirt, mud, rainwater, sewage, sweat, and even the blood of her enemies. Exhausted, wounded, and extremely thirsty after a grueling battle, she desperately seeks shelter. Eventually, she stumbles upon an abandoned factory.

As she cautiously approaches the factory, she hears the sound of rushing water emanating from inside. This unexpected noise gives her a glimmer of hope - could this be her chance to survive and find the Elixir she seeks?

๐ŸŽฆ There is a FULL PRODUCTION short film attached at the beginning of the show ๐ŸŽฆ


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