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RSS - Ruin Street Style

EP44: Idol Mahjong Shojo Messy Slimed in Shiny Cheongsam (Qipao)

EP44: Idol Mahjong Shojo Messy Slimed in Shiny Cheongsam (Qipao)

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🧨🐉On behalf of the RSSWAM team and models, we wish our members, supporters, and friends a prosperous Year of the Dragon and happiness for your families. 🐉🧧


🤍In this year, we're totally gonna work hard to bring y'all awesome otakus the cutest, coolest, and trendiest WAM content. We hope you'll keep loving us, desu!🤍


Dressed in a chic, glossy cheongsam complemented by white knee-high stockings and stylish Yosuke platform sneakers, the charming idol mahjong girl Wendy showcases her trendy ensemble in a unique setting atop a toilet. She playfully drenches her outfit by pouring water over herself, adding a fun twist to her fashion display. The adventure continues as Wendy transitions to the bathroom, where a bathtub filled with a striking pink slime, reminiscent of strawberry jelly, awaits. She immerses herself completely, indulging in the playful, gooey substance. Following her whimsical bath, Wendy proceeds to a shower, basking in the glow of vibrant, Las Vegas-style lights, striking poses as her outfit glistens, thoroughly soaked and radiantly shiny.


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