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EP48: HIDOLATRAL Cyber Combat Suit Endurance and Durability Test (Part.2)

EP48: HIDOLATRAL Cyber Combat Suit Endurance and Durability Test (Part.2)

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Dressed in HIDOLATRAL's latest white and blue cyber combat suit, accompanied by white stockings and Balenciaga sneakers, Goob successfully navigated her initial tests against the white and black slimes, the latter mimicking the harsh conditions of machinery oil used in combat. Despite minor staining, the suit has proved resilient. Now, Goob is poised for the ultimate challenge: the mud test. This crucial test aims to simulate the intense and chaotic conditions of actual battlefields, where mud is prevalent. Will the combat suit maintain its integrity and stylish appearance under such extreme conditions? This test will be the definitive measure of its combat readiness.


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