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RSS - Ruin Street Style

EP50: Tracksuit x Swimsuit 2.0! Subculture Sporty Girl in Summer Mint Ice Cream Slime (Part.1)

EP50: Tracksuit x Swimsuit 2.0! Subculture Sporty Girl in Summer Mint Ice Cream Slime (Part.1)

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๐Ÿจ๐ŸงŠARE YOU READY FOR THE SUMMER??? ๐Ÿณ๐Ÿ’ฆ Today's sporty and kawaii Wendydydydy will stun our beloved audience in REFLEM's latest tracksuit, paired with a brand-new shiny swimsuit from PARFAITE and Balenciaga sneakers. She first showcases her adorable outfit on her luxurious penthouse balcony overlooking Hollywood. Then, she begins pouring lubrication over her shiny swimsuit, making it even glossier and slippier. During this process, Wendy temporarily removes her cute outfit, only to put it back on despite the swimsuit getting it wet, embracing the fun that lies ahead!ย 

Next, Wendy heads to the bathroom, where the bathtub is filled with fresh mint ice cream slime. She eagerly jumps in, enjoying the exclusive summer fun. Her fashionable outfit gets instantly soaked by the slippery, mint blue goo.

After playing in the bathtub, Wendy removes her tracksuit to reveal her sexy swimsuit. She then takes a full shower before heading to the rooftop swimming pool to continue her water-filled fun.ย 

โค Due to the length of this episode, it has been divided into two parts. The first part will be available on all platforms on 6/7/2024 (PST), and the second part will be EXCLUSIVE to RSSWAM.COM until 6/28/2024. Then, it will be available on all other platforms.ย 


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